Home 3kVA Solar -1500W Panel - 4.5kWh Battery Bank 3kVA Solar -1500W Panel – 4.5kWh Battery Bank

3kVA Solar -1500W Panel – 4.5kWh Battery Bank

$4,500.00 $4,200.00

3kVA Solar -1500W Panel -4.5kWh Battery Bank


4x 200Ah Battery Bank  Total : 4.5kWh of stored energy 
This is a really all in one solar off grid system. It is made with the best materials without any compromises. Every part of the off grid system has been carefully selected and optimized to ensure that the overall efficiency reaches 98%
Having over 12 years experience in the solar on grid and off grid market, we design and assemble solar photovoltaic system that will last longer and will deliver exactly what it is written on the box.
Please read carefully what we include in package:
SOLAR PANELS Eging 250Watt 6 pcs Earthing Rod 1pcs
Solar Inverter Conversol 3kVA 24V 2x MPPT:    1 pcs Earthing Cable 10meter
Sunpower Pack 24V battery bank (4x 6V batteries)  200Ah each   2 pcs Monitoring Software 1pcs CD ROM
4sqmm solar cable Hikra (Germany) 25meter Red  25 meters Parallel kit Optional
4sqmm solar cable Hikra (Germany) 25meter Black 25 meters Web box Optional
Fuses and disconnector block between batteries and inverter   1 pcs Warranty 2 year
Interlink battery cables (including 2×2 meters of battery cables) 3 pcs External Generator Optional
Consumers units RCD and 6way RCBOs  1 pcs
Combiner PV Box, 4 String In, 1 String Out, DC Fuses, DC Disconnector 1 pcs
More specifically , the battery bank is made of : 4 pieces Sun Power VR M 6V200  200Ah (C10). Cables, connectors and battery fuses are also included.
You will receive all the essential components to run your load completely off grid + endless technical support from VOLTACONSOLAR.
Hoppecke VR-M 200Ah 6V battery (4pcs). Combined in series for 24V System


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