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Solar – Hybrid 3000VA

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Hybrid PV System 3000VA 12V (CF3090L)

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The Solar Energy Intelligent System (SIES) is a fully integrated plug and plug solar hybrid system – ideal for small/medium residential homes, cabins, lodges and commercial buildings – just add the batteries and solar panels to begin energy independence

Designed to make up a hybrid solar based power system, the SIES keeps it simple – its fully integrated, wall mounted design saves space and optimises central control – requiring very little further configuration and with minimum connections, installation is fast and easy.

The elements of the SIES are:

Bi-directional 3000VA 12V inverter charger (CF3090L)
Solar Mate 60A MPPT Controller
Smart Box – Energy management system, shunt, circuit breakers and AC/DC connections
Cyber Central monitor with Bluetooth
The SIES utilises the Energier Pro bi-directional inverter, with class leading efficiency of up to 94% the Energier Pro manages both the grid and battery charging functions. With extraordinary low idle power of only 4 watts you can be assured that all the energy being harvested from solar is not going to waste. The Energier Pro inverter ensures reliable and fast transfer to power of all kinds on appliances such as TV, fridge microwave, lights and pump.

Solar mode programs provide easy configuration of the system so to allow maximum energy independence.

Solar Hybrid Mode :

Daytime – Solar energy is primary source to power loads and charge the batteries
Night-time – Once Solar energy is no longer present grid or generator is introduced to power loads. Only if grid is unstable will battery be discharged to power loads
Energy Storage Mode (self-consumption):

Daytime – Solar energy is primary source to power loads and charge batteries
Night-time – Upon sunset energy stored in batteries will continue to be discharged to power the loads. Once batteries are discharged to low the SIES mini will connect to the grid or generator to power loads and recharge batteries
Power Backup Mode:

Daytime – Solar and grid will charge the batteries at the same time. All loads powered by grid. Upon grid blackout during daytime the energy from solar will charge and batteries and power the loads
Night-time – Upon blackout during night-time the loads will be powered by the energy stored in the battery
The intelligent energy management system automatically takes control of energy flow. Energy produced by the solar system and from grid will be optimised and combined depending on usage and programs. Automatic generator start (AGS) is in-built so the SIES can take full control of a generator.

The SIES is designed with Solar Mate MPPT controller with peak efficiency of up to 98%. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology can increase the energy production from solar by over 30%, high voltage input of 150V also provides for flexible configuration of PV array. The sophisticated battery charging algorithm ensures most efficient charging of all lead acid battery types (AGM/GEL/Flooded) and Lithium-ion.

PC connection via RS485 and TBB software (RAPConfig) offers program tools to configure and change system settings.

SIES features a comprehensive monitoring solution. Cyber Central shows all data of solar energy production, daily AC consumption and battery state of charge, clearly and in real time. Built-in Bluetooth also provides basic monitoring via APP. Further remote monitoring is available via optional GRPS and Wifi and web supported cloud server to provide real time and historic data.


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